Frequently Asked Questions

Products and Services

Our website products provides professional consulting and coaching video-conferencing sessions between professional, free-lance coaches and consultants and their clients.

Contact Information

Our offices are located in Tel Aviv, Israel. We can be reached at

Commission Structure / Fees

Setting up a SagePair profile on SagePair is complimentary although subject to the discretion of SagePair. As of July 1, 2018, we are currently running out platform without payment processing as a promotion. During this time we will be making adjustments to the site according to user feedback. All users will be notified of any changes to this promotion as well as the commission structure which will ensue once SagePair begins processing payments through the platform.

Refunds and Cancellations

Sagepair acts as a conduit for professional, free-lance consultants and coaches through their Sage Agreements on SagePair. Sessions, once booked, may be cancelled by our clients (Seekers) up to 24 hours before the allotted session time with a full refund. There are no refunds within 24 hours of a booked session. We may make accommodations for unique or legal circumstances which may dictate the reason for refund request. In lieu of a refund, we may be able to offer a credit toward future sessions.

Clear Pricing Terms

Prices are listed on each of the sage's profile page. Consultants and coaches receiving payments through our site are subject to a commission agreement and production of tax related documentation prior to any payment processing and receiving.

How will you use my information?

Your personal information will only be used in order to promote your services in association with our site, or for internal training purposes. SagePair is committed to promoting the services of our consultants and coaches. Our promotions may include specific information and content from your profile; to opt out of our promotions, please notify

How long does it take to get approved as a sage?

In order to insure the professionalism of our directory, we kindly ask you to allow a 72 hour grace period wherein we will review your profile and connect with you for any clarifications before taking your page live. If you are interested in having your profile reviewed, edited, or embellished by the sagepair team, feel free to drop us a note at to let us know how we can help.

Session Interface

Our website currently generates links for our Sages and Seekers to conduct video conferencing sessions. As our conferencing provider is zoom, please ensure that you have downloaded the zoom application from and are familiar with the interface before your session. We will remind clients to familiarize themselves accordingly. Please connect with us directly for any clarifications regarding the use of zoom.

Booking, Scheduling, and Time Blocks

Our website currently allows you to block off your availability in one-hour blocks. Clients can book time slots with you in 15 minute increments within each available hour that you set.

Messaging between Sages and Seekers

We suggest being in contact with your new clients via SagePair messaging before your first session. It is important to clarify the specific questions and interests of your clients in order to insure a good fit. It may be necessary to clarify your prospective client’s expectations for the session. If they are looking to learn x,y, and z in a specific amount of time and you know that this is unrealistic given their background and/ or the nature of the subject matter, we recommend that you advise them as clearly as possible that their needs will require more than the allotted time.

Posting videos on my profile page

Build and personalize your profile with videos. You may choose to include videos of you consulting or speaking into the camera and helping your future clients get to know you. You may want to give your videos added value by sharing tips and tools relevant for your target audience. Alternatively, you can post your favorite videos that also create relevance and spark interest in your consulting and coaching practice. We kindly ask you not to post links to your personal website, social media, or email address in order to respect the proprietary nature of